Maserati Collision Repair Oakland

Maserati Collision Repair Oakland


Our technicians are trained, tested, and certified by Maserati for expert collision repairs.

When your Maserati needs auto body or cosmetic repair, trust the professionals at Brooks Motor Cars of Oakland. We’re your Maserati collision repair Oakland team of certified professionals.

You get experienced Maserati technicians with a specific and thorough understanding of your luxury vehicle inside and out.

We take pride in our certified repairs and are ready to restore your uniquely designed car back to its pristine condition. Regardless of the year or model, you will receive the ultimate level of repair. Guaranteed!

Choose a Maserati Certified Collision Repair

Your Maserati was carefully crafted, so it only makes sense that you trust a certified Maserati body shop that has invested in the skills and tools to properly restore your car’s integrity when it needs repairs.

Most body shops will repair your Maserati with the same tools and techniques they use on other vehicles. At Brooks, we understand that there is a difference in the requirements for repairing a Maserati.

Maseratis are aluminum-based and designed with high-performance engines requiring specific repair training, tools, and equipment. From a unibody frame machine to complete Maserati-approved repair and paint equipment, our Maserati collision repair Oakland facility has everything needed to perform the proper repairs.

We Strive to Provide Exceptional Maserati Collision Repair Oakland

Taking your Maserati to a non-certified repair center can result in improper and hazardous repairs, which could tamper with the safety and quality of your vehicle. Our Maserati collision repair Oakland specialists follow all the manufacturer’s guidelines and specifications during the repair process and oversee every detail of your car’s repairs to ensure your investment is protected. 

We strive to provide you with an exceptional repair experience from beginning to end. Our friendly and professional staff will be here for you every step of the way, answering any questions you may have. 

Call us today to schedule your Maserati-certified collision repair estimate and discover the Brooks Motor Cars difference. 

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Why Choose Brooks Maserati Collision Repair Oakland:

  • Our technicians have Maserati-specific repair training.
  • We’ve invested in Maserati Specific procedures and equipment. t
  • We repair your Maserati to factory specifications.
  • Our certifications allow us to order genuine Maserati replacement parts. 
  • 100% Guarantee on all services and preservation of factory warranties.


To meet the luxury brand standard, our refinish technicians spray top-tier automotive paint at every location. Plus, our computerized paint system guarantees a perfect color match for your Maserati. When your car leaves our body shop with that showroom shine, it will be impossible to tell it was in an accident.

Our Maserati Certified Body Shop Locations

For over 35 years, no other auto body shop has cared more for your vehicle than Brooks Motor Cars.

Call us today to schedule your Maserati Certified collision repair estimate.

Or if you have any questions about our factory certified collision repairs, call and speak to a team member today.