Our technicians are trained, tested, and certified for expert aluminum collision repairs.

Do you drive a car, truck, or SUV with aluminum parts? Did you recently get in a car accident?

Brooks Motor Cars has an aluminum certified repair shop in Fremont, CA. Our collision repair specialists can return your aluminum-bodied vehicle to pre-accident factory specifications. Start your virtual estimate today if you’re ready to get back behind the wheel.

Only Use An Aluminum Certified Repair Facility

Many manufacturers have started including aluminum parts in their vehicles to meet road weight limits. So, Brooks Motor Cars decided to stay ahead of the curve with an aluminum certification.

Our Tesla approved collision repair Fremont center has a separate room with specialized tools dedicated to aluminum repair. This is necessary because the lightweight metal can be easily contaminated. Body shops that lack an aluminum certification may cause even more damage to your vehicle.

So, make the best choice for yourself, your passengers, and your car by calling 510-996-7077 to schedule your appointment with Brooks Motor Cars.


Did your car door get scratched by a neighboring vehicle, or was your truck sideswiped while merging?

No matter the situation, you can trust our collision repair professionals to choose the safest and most efficient repair route. For minor damage, we implement Paintless Dent Repair. During this time-saving process and cost-effective process, an auto body specialist massages the back of the tarnished panel until the imperfection vanishes.

Regarding structural damage, our auto body experts will always try to repair the bumper, fender, or door panel. However, past a certain point, replacement parts may be the best option for your security.

aluminum certified repair lobby

Our Certified Repair Services and Perks Include

  • Virtual Estimates
  • Specialized Aluminum Repair Tools
  • Clean Room Designated Specifically for Aluminum Repairs
  • Multiple Luxury Car Brand Certifications


Brooks Motor Cars is proud to be an I-CAR certified business. This program aligns perfectly with our luxury manufacturer certifications like Jaguar, Tesla, Aston Martin, and Maserati. Our auto body technicians are routinely educated on the latest vehicle technology through I-CAR.
All our collision centers in Northern California house dealer-approved equipment and products. If your vehicle’s aluminum certified repair needs include replacement parts, you know we’ll implement Original Equipment. Unlike aftermarket or used parts, OE replacement parts help keep your vehicle warranty intact and ensure it drives smoothly. One of our specialty Tesla Certified Collision Repair centers is located in Fremont, CA

Our Aluminum Certified Repair Locations

For over 35 years, no other auto body shop has cared more for your vehicle than Brooks Motor Cars.

Call us today to schedule your Aluminum Certified collision repair estimate.

Or if you have any questions about our factory certified collision repairs, call and speak to a team member today.